A cut and fall as perfect as ever, fabric mixes: the Sandro signature. Elegant and feminine, The pieces of the label are designed to be worn for any occasion. Perfect as evening and day wear, at home or when out and about. They are easy to marry.

Designed for the modern woman, the collections combine chic materials and fabrics: silk, cashmere, leather… Evelyne Chétrite, the spirit of Sandro, draws her inspiration from the street, the city, architecture. Creatively gifted from a very young age, the strong appeal for her of prêt-à-porter was no surprise. she launched Sandro in 1984. Sandro turned its creative eye to menswear in 2007.

Under the aegis of Ilan Chétrite, the son of Sandro’s creator, the menswear line has always preserved intact its upmarket, chic minimalist spirit. Avant-garde and assertive fashions. After establishing itself in France, Sandro is continuing its conquest of the international market. Sandro counts 370 points of sale by the end of 2014.

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