Soon after father and son Saul and Bruce Katz founded it in 1971, Rockport became the first company to use advanced materials and technologies in traditional shoes to create lightweight comfort. Then they were the first to engineer walking comfort in all types of dress and casual shoes. Today, Rockport has heightened the linkage of cutting-edge engineers, designers, components and technologies to pioneer footwear, apparel and accessories. All built to perform as never before. To exude style. To supply what their customers demand of their gear.

Style, sophistication, comfort and innovation converge in Rockport storees, as in their products. Rockport footwear, the stores’ signature line, satisfies the myriad needs of their urbane, sophisticated customers. The products range from innovative, performance footwear for touring, hiking and water sports to modern and exciting styles for city lifestyles. After-five footwear made for modern comfort share the limelight with dress shoes that provide strong, timeless style with Rockport’s unique footwear technology. Find out more at:

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