Launched in 2009, MISSION is uniquely focused on Athlete Engineered products designed to help athletes prepare, perform and rehab from competition. MISSION is pioneering a new consumer product category dubbed Athletecare™ for the health-conscious, active consumer. No brand owns this space and MISSION is filling the void with authentic, innovative and proprietary technologies.

Its brand, marketing and distribution platform are uniquely positioned to aggregate additional product lines and sub brands. MISSION’s elite athlete partners, including Dwyane Wade, Serena Williams and Mia Hamm, among others, are involved in product development, testing and marketing – creating an authentic, high-impact story that resonates with consumers and retailers.

MISSION has also secured multi-year, exclusive agreements with the NBA and MLB. MISSION is redefining the marketing and merchandising of athletic accessories with Athletecare™ destination fixtures and is now leveraging its sport authenticity and brand power to extend its product portfolio to the mass market. MISSION recently launched two game-changing product lines: EnduraCool™, a patented, chemical-free textile that cools instantly when wet, is transforming the cooling category with an estimated 2 million units sold at retail to date.

In 2014, the company is greatly expanding its cooling product portfolio. Court Grip™, a market-disrupting, proprietary technology that provides instantly enhanced traction for hardwood floor sports, is experiencing tremendous adoption at the high school, college and NBA levels and has set the stage for MISSION to launch its next grip innovations.

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