Based in Greater Manchester, England, Kooga was established in late 1997. Kooga is a specialist rugby brand which supplies a complete range of technically-based, performance-led rugby equipment and clothing targeted at the serious rugby player for both on field and off field use. In 1995 rugby became a professional sport and shortly thereafter Kooga grew into a globally recognised brand and has been at the forefront of the sport ever since.

The product range has been developed to fulfil all the needs of the modern rugby player/supporter, from training and match play equipment and clothing to ‘rugby lifestyle’ sportswear, as well as an extremely successful boot range. The emphasis has always been on design excellence, performance, durability and innovation.

Over its life time Kooga has sponsored numerous professional teams at club, national and international level. Sponsorship contracts in the UK are in place with some of the world’s top clubs such as Gloucester, Ospreys, Worcester, Huddersfield and Salford City Reds. At International level, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Canada, Georgia, Romania were all in Kooga at the World Cup in 2011. Today Kooga is considered to be one of the top two rugby specialist brands in the World Kooga is owned by JD Sports Fashion PLC.

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