Founded by Henning Deichmann in 1988, Evita Peroni has become an internationally recognizable label for women’s fashion accessories. Representing the values of modern day women, Evita Peroni opened its first doors in Denmark, and has expanded across 42 countries in the past three decades on a franchise basis.

With a strong dedication to women’s fashion accessories and growing eyewear and hair accessories departments, Evita Peroni, currently under the direction of Camilla Diechmann, daughter of Henning Deichmann, continually offer innovative products that are trend driven and competitively priced.

With a newly appointed Executive Creative Director based in Hong Kong, Philippe Vergez brings his wealth of international experience as a creative product and graphic designer to the brand to expand its product offerings. Vergez lends his expertise in eyewear design to the brand, as his previous works have been selected by Editor in Chief of US Vogue, Anna Wintour, and seen on fashion icons such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

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